COVID-19 Life Insurance Carrier Updates

Our life insurance carriers are making guideline adjustments in response to COVID-19.  Below you will find highlights from each carrier, many of which are trying to allow for alternatives to paramed exams if the client meets certain criteria.  Please keep in mind these guidelines are temporary and are subject to change.

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Effective May 12, 2021:

  • Temporary underwriting restrictions (that have been in place since April 2020) will be lifted, and normal pre-COVID-19 underwriting guidelines will be in effect.
  • AIG will continue to require a current Statement of Health for all policy approvals.
Effective 07/01/2021:  American National discontinued most temporary COVID-19 underwriting guidelines.

Post COVID-19 updates that will remain in place
  • Will still only consider ages 80+ up to Table 4 with proof of vaccination.
  • Will still only consider ages 60–⁠79 greater than Table 4 with proof of vaccination.
  • Will review foreign travel on an individual consideration basis. In general travel to CDC level 3 and 4 countries will be postponed (may not be applicable in states where there are regulations on underwriting foreign travel).
Applications for life insurance are not currently being accepted on clients age 70 and older. No changes have been made to issue limits at this time.
Assurity has temporarily suspended the practice of offering conditional receipt coverage upon application submission for all life insurance products. 


Effective 07/20/2021:

  • Full consideration based on pre-COVID underwriting guidelines for all ages 
  • Banner will continue to postpone for new COVID diagnosis based on exposure and clinical severity. 
  • Click here for full details
Updated 6/9/2021:
Cincinnati Life is temporarily not accepting applications for the following:
  • Ages 60-79 with rating greater than Table 4 or Flat Extra greater than $5 per $1,000 due to medical impairments
  • Ages 80 and above

Updated 6/1/2021:

  • Temporary COVID-19 guidelines updated for applicants up to age 65
    • Full retention, auto pool, and jumbo available
    • All ratings now allowed with two exceptions:
      • BMI ≥ 38 limitation remains in place
      • For Ages 51–69, unable to offer if Table D or higher AND rated for any listed COVID-19 comorbid conditions
  • Survivorship changes
    • Max face amount = amount allowed for the youngest life
    • Max rating = each Insured must meet the criteria for their respective age
  • Asthma was removed from list of comorbidities
  • All other guidelines remain unchanged (for ages 66+)

Up to age 65: normal underwriting guidelines
Ages 66-75:  Table 6 or better
Ages 76-79: Table 4 or better
Ages 80+ Postpone

Global Atlantic will continue to employ a prudent underwriting approach for cases at higher risk to Covid19 based on age and medical condition

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John Hancock has resumed accepting and processing applications on individuals up to and including age 90
John Hancock will routinely consider recent medical records as an alternative to a current paramed or exam:   
    i.  Face amounts up to $5 million for ages 18-65
    II. Face amounts up to $3 million for ages 66-70
For these cases, medical records should include a comprehensive visit with a physical and labs within the last 12 months, accompanied by a completed Part II medical supplement form.

Effective May 10, 2021:

  • The Table Reduction Program (TRP) is now available! Consideration for up to $10 million maximum face amount, through age 70, for Table 3 to Standard rate classes  
  • Internal Retention Limits have been increased up to $20 million for permanent life insurance products 
  • Substandard ratings, up to Table 4, will be considered for all ages through 80  
  • Cases assessed with a Flat Extra up to $10.00 per $1000 will be considered 
  • Table Rated and Flat Extra combo cases will be considered with up to Table 2 (150%) with a Flat Extra up to $10.00 per $1000
  • Lincoln MoneyGuard® cases for ages 71 and up will now be considered for the following products:
    • Lincoln MoneyGuard® III, ages 71 – 80
    • Lincoln MoneyGuard® II, ages 71 – 79
    • Lincoln MoneyGuard® II NY, ages 71 – 79
Nationwide will consider alternative sources of medical information, through issue age 60, when an exam is necessary for both traditional business and for their Intelligent Underwriting process.
  • Ages 0 - 60:  Maximum rating of Table 6
    • Maximum Flat extra = $9.00 per thousand
  • Ages 61 - 70: Maximum rating of Table 4
    • Maximum flat extra = $6.00 per thousand
  • Ages 71 - 75: Maximum rating of Table 2
    • Maximum flat extra = $3.00 per thousand
  • Ages 76 - 79: Standard.  Case cannot be rated or have a flat extra.
  • Ages 80 and up: No offer - Postpone
Due to the overall improvement in the Coronavirus impact, Pacific Life’s temporary COVID-19 underwriting guidelines have been lifted, effective 6/30/21.
  • Ages 70 and below returning to pre-pandemic underwriting guidelines
  • Allowance up to and including Table 6 for ages 71-80
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Principal is offering additional solutions to underwrite without exam requirements through age 60.
  • Up to age 59: maximum table rating of either Table 6 or a flat extra of $10.00/1000
  • Ages 60-80: maximum table rating of either Table 2 or a flat extra of $5.00/1000
  • Ages 81+ will not be considered at any rate class until further notice
  • For survivorship cases, both lives need to meet the new guidelines.
  • Risks with a combination of a table rating and flat extra will be postponed.
  • Protective has reverted to pre-COVID-19 underwriting guidelines (no restrictions) for individuals who are 0-60 years of age
  • Ages 61-79: Protective will postpone coverage if individuals are rated higher than Table 4.  However, coverage can be considered with:
    • Evidence of completed COVID-19 vaccination (copy of vaccination card with name, vaccine batch number and date(s) administered).
    • At least two weeks since the final injection.
    • No history of immunodeficiency, impairments requiring IVIG treatment or prednisone dependency.
  • Protective will continue to postpone coverage on individuals who are age 80 and above.
  • Travel: Protective has reverted to pre-COVID-19 travel guidelines based on country and case-by-case consideration.
  • Statement of Health will continue to be required on delivery for all fully underwritten coverage on any applicant, regardless of age or face amount.

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Fast Track eligibility increased to $3 million up to age 60!
  • Postponing cases age 65 & up with Table D or higher rate class.
    • At ages over 60, this same guidance may apply, and Prudential will pay special attention to a history of ratable coronary artery disease and immunodeficiency disorders. 
  • Postponing any case with chronic respiratory condition.
  • Not accepting applicants for clients ages 80 and up.
  • Not accepting prepaid cases.

Effective July 1, 2021: 

  • Insurance age 81 and older: new applications will not be accepted. 
  • Insurance age 76 – 80: Applicants assessed at standard or better rates will be issued. All others will be postponed until at least September 30, 2021.
  • Insurance ages 71 – 75: Applicants assessed at Table B (150%) or better rates will be issued. All others will be postponed until at least September 30, 2021. 
  • Insurance ages 61 – 70: Applicants assessed at Table D (200%) or better rates will be issued. All others will be postponed until at least September 30, 2021. 
  • Second-to-die policies will require both lives meet the rate class requirement for their respective ages. 

Money will not be accepted with new applications until at least September 30, 2021, and temporary insurance agreements will not be available during this time

The WriteFit Underwriting program has been expanded and allows most clients to get through underwriting without an exam. Write Fit expansion to $3,000,000 for applicants age 18 – 50 will be permanent.

For cases aged 59 or younger: if rated Table 7 or higher, SBLI is postponing applications until further notice. 
For cases aged 60 or older:  if rated Table 3 or higher, SBLI is postponing applications until further notice.
SBLI's Accelerated Underwriting is an exam-free solution!  Available for ages 18-60 applying for up to $750k of coverage. No exams. No fluids. No fine print!
Effective July 6, 2021:
  • For all cases up to age 79, Symetra is now applying routine underwriting assessment and criteria. Their underwriting team will continue to conduct a thorough review for all cases with co-morbidities.
  • Cases for ages 80 and above will continue to be postponed.
  • For all ages, Symetra will continue to require a Good Health Statement.
  • Symetra will not actively ask any clients about vaccinations or past COVID-19 exposure.
  • As announced last fall for the high-net-worth foreign national market program, Symetra has reverted to their pre-COVID underwriting capabilities (for A and B countries up to $20 million in capacity).
Transamerica is offering additional options to satisfy medical requirements which includes increased non-medical guidelines through age 55.
  • Ages 56-75:  Rated over Table B for CAD, Cancer, Respiratory, Hypertension and diabetes, will require referral to MD for consideration
  • Not accepting applicantions for clients over the age of 75 for all products except for their Final Expense Solutions Portfolio
  • Effective 1/1/2021: Transamerica has resumed accepting applications with Long Term Care (LTC) and Living Benefit Riders (LBRs) for insured ages 56-75, subject to normal underwriting requirements.

Effective May 24, 2020

Reinstating the FIT underwriting program for ages 18-75 except for those with co-morbid conditions 

  • Ages 0-59: the client is eligible for best risk class underwriting. *Please note: if they have a co-morbid condition resulting in a rating higher than Table 4, it may be postponed
  • Ages 60-79: Risk class must be Table 4 or better
  • Ages 80 and above: Temporarily postponed

A current statement of health is required on all policy approvals.

  • For Issue Ages up to 60:  Zurich will continue to make offers on cases that are Table H or better, except if one of the following COVID-19 comorbidity conditions exists (click here for the list). 
    • If one of the following conditions exists, Zurich will make offers on cases that are Table D or better.
  • For Issue Ages 60-69: Zurich will continue to make offers on cases that are Table D or better.
  • For Issue Ages 70-79: Zurich will continue to make offers on cases that are Table B or better.
  • For Issue Ages 80-85: normal guidelines apply; insured must be Standard or better