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Reduce APS Requests by up to 40% ...
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From Quote to Commission in Days,
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Many of our life insurance carriers have developed Quick-App, Tele-Life, or some other type of online submission process. This process greatly reduces cycle times, insures greater accuracy of information, and can even reduce the number of APS's ordered (research indicates by as much as 40%). We call our multi-carrier drop ticket proccess "iGoBUA "...with the "iGo" standing for "In Good Order"!

The link below entitle "iGoBUA Multi-Carrier" is a link to our quoting page.  From there, you have the ability to Drop a Ticket with the following carriers: AIG, AXA, Banner, Brighthouse, LFG (TermAccel Product Only), Principal, Protective, Prudential and United of Omaha.

Many other carriers offer drop ticket as well, but utilize their own proprietary programs.  While you can still quote those carriers through the iGoBUA quoting section, you will need to click that specific carrier's link below in order to drop a ticket.

Drop Tickets can be used for almost every case.  Some cases will qualify for Accelerated Underwriting.  Click the link below to find out more about these game changing programs.

Online Drop Ticket

The fastest way to start a ticket!  Pick your carrier, drop your ticket.  We'll keep you posted along the way. It's really simple!

Paper Drop Ticket

Don't want to submit online?  Use the paper drop ticket and fax or email it to us.  We'll submit it for you and initiate the tele-interview.