American National: COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions



As of 7/1 American National discontinued most temporary COVID-19 underwriting guidelines.
This will mean more opportunities for preferred plus and preferred ratings.
Post COVID-19 updates that will remain in place: 

  • Will still only consider ages 80+ up to Table 4 with proof of vaccination.
  • Will still only consider ages 60–⁠79 greater than Table 4 with proof of vaccination.
  • Will review foreign travel on an individual consideration basis. In general travel to CDC level 3 and 4 countries will be postponed (may not be applicable in states where there are regulations on underwriting foreign travel).



American National has special consideration for individuals who have had full vaccination against COVID-19*

If a proposed insured can provide documentation of full vaccination against COVID-19, normal underwriting rules can be applied for cases within retention. A copy of the vaccination card showing full vaccination has been completed will serve as documentation. This will allow, for example, insurability for situations such as:

  • Individuals over the age of 80
  • Individuals ages 60–79 and rated over T4
  • Medical Professionals who would have normally been postponed.
  • Standard or better risks with foreign travel plans (Individual Consideration on substandard risks)

Age Retention Limits Maximum Table Rating 0–75 $5,000,000 All Ratings 76–80 $2,000,000 Table 8 81–85 $1,000,000 Table 4

 Age  Retention Limit Max Table Rating
0-75 $5,000,000 All ratings
76-80 $2,000,000 Table 8
81-85 $1,000,000 Table 4

*Please note: American National is monitoring this very closely and these guidelines may change as new information is developed regarding COVID-19, its variants and vaccinations

Please see the COVID‑19 FAQs for additional details.



Due to the difficultly of obtaining medical exams and APS requirements in many areas, American National has decided to continue its expanded COVID-19 accelerated underwriting criteria.

Reminder: If your case is approved and issued without an exam and you are able to schedule an exam at a later date, then Underwriting will review the exam results to see if a better rate class is warranted. Rest assured that all of the teams are working harder than ever to make it as easy as possible for you to sell and underwrite your business during these unprecedented times.

Take a look at these Stats!

  • Ages 0-50, Face Amounts under $250,000: Approving 91% of applications with no exam and no APS!
  • Ages -50, Face Amounts $250,000 to 1,000,000: Approving 70% of applications with no exam and no APS!

Please refer to the FAQ file attached below for more information.


From a financial perspective, American National is well capitalized.  They have endured these types of events before in their 115-year history.  But in order to weather the storm, American National has updated some of their guidelines.  Please refer to the FAQ document for more information, but below are highlights of some of the underwriting changes:

  •  Ages 80+: Postpone all cases until COVID-19 pandemic contained
  • Ages 60-79: Postpone all cases that require a rating of higher than table 4 or flat-extra of $5 per thousand or more for a medical reason.
  • Ages 70+: NIA/Good Health Statement is required on all cases. 4/7/2020 

In regards to foreign travel:

  • Any imminent planned foreign travel will postpone the approval process.
  • Anyone returning from international travel will be postponed for 30 days. 

In regards to how a client will be rated if they are social distancing/self isolating?:

  • If the client is self-isolating/social distancing with COVID-19 symptoms suggested by a medical professional; and is waiting to be tested for COVID-19 or for the disease to present, the underwriting process will be postponed.
  • If the client has a history of self-isolating/social distancing with symptoms based on medical advice or confirmed disease, fully recovered without any complications, and has returned to normal activities:
    • Months since recovery:
    • Less than or equal to 1: Postpone
    •  >1 month: Underwrite normally
  • If the client is in self-isolation due to possible or known contact to COVID-19, without symptoms, no diagnosis, and has returned to normal activities:
    • Months since self-isolation completed:
    • Less than or equal to 1: Postpone
    •  >1 month: Underwrite normally
  • If the client is adhering to the government lockdown, with no other reason to self-isolate, without symptoms or diagnosis, and would otherwise be continuing normal activities:
    • Underwrite normally 

Please give us a call at 1-800-792-6795 if you have any questions.