Your clients today face a wide variety of retirement planning options and an array of potential product solutions.

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BUA offers many of the most highly competitive solutions available in the market today. Designed with flexibility in mind, you can choose from hundreds of fixed annuities including popular Multi-Year Guarantee, Fixed Indexed products, and Immediate and Deferred Income Annuities. 

We are here to help you find the right product for your client. You can use our powerful search tool that compares carriers, rates, surrender charges, and commissions or contact one of our retirement income specialists for assistance with case design and product selection.   

When you're ready to submit an application, make sure you are contracted with the insurance carrier and that the product training has been completed.  Once those steps are completed, you can quickly submit an application through the FireLight platform! 


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Our current fixed annuity and fixed index annuity hotsheets present products that are worthy of your attention. They highlight selections from our portfolio that are currently winning cases.

BUA has an annuity  portfolio that includes the most competitive retirement income solutions on the market today.

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