North American: COVID-19 Underwriting Updates


Effective, Tuesday, April 14, North American implemented the following temporary changes to their New Business and Policy Change underwriting guidelines. For all cases not already approved or issued, North American will postpone any applications on individuals of the following issues ages and table ratings:

Issue age Maximum Table Rating Maximum Flat Extra
0 - 60 Table 6 $9.00 per thousand
61 - 70 Table 4 $6.00 per thousand
71 - 75 Table 2 $3.00 per thousand
76 - 79 Standard N/A
80 - up No offer - Postpone N/A


This applies to all products and:

  • All pending business that has not been approved or issued
  • New business
  • Policy change cases

Temporary travel guidelines

  • North American will postpone any pending or newly-submitted applications where the proposed insured has any planned international travel.
  • North American will postpone policy issuance for 30 days for any proposed insured returning to the U.S. from international travel.
  • North American will adhere to state regulations guidelines for travel.
  • These temporary travel guidelines apply to both new business and policy change.

Known COVID-19 diagnosis

North American will postpone policy issuance for new business and policy change until the proposed insured is completely recovered. In addition, they will need documentation (e.g. APS) from the proposed insured's physician confirming the individual has been cleared.

Accelerated Underwriting Expansion

WriteAway criteria:

Ages 18 - 50: $1 million or less
Ages 51 - 60: $500,000 or less

Expanded WriteAway Opportunities

Whether you have cases currently pending or are looking to leverage our fully online application process, North American wants to make sure your business is not impacted.

Pending applications:
Effective immediately, any pending cases with an outstanding paramed exam that fall within the WriteAway process criteria are able to complete the Online Part 2 or tele-interview instead of the paramed exam.

While WriteAway is designed for clients of standard or better risk, the processes for the Online Part 2 or tele-interview can be utilized by all applicants within the age and face amount criteria. This includes clients that are potentially substandard risks. Underwriting will review on a case-by-case basis if labs will be required.

Future applications:

  1. E-Application — North American is actively working to remove the 'pre-qualification' questions, which allows an applicant to complete the Online Part 2 or tele-interview. In the interim, select “No” for the medical and personal history questions. This will give the client the ability to complete either the Online Part 2 or tele-interview.
  2. Paper Applications — If the client meets WriteAway criteria, select the Online Part 2 option on our their implemented application. Please ensure an active email is included to minimize any delay in the process.

Temporary Alternative Underwriting Solutions:
For clients that did not qualify for an accelerated decision or are not eligible for the WriteAway opportunity, North American is offering other temporary solutions. For applicants that have completed either the Online Part 2, tele-interview, or a fully completed paper application, North American will use other available digital data sources for low substandard ratings up to the preferred rate-class, within these parameters:

  • Ages 18-50 through $1 million
  • Ages 51-60 through $500,000

Please give us a call at 1-800-792-6795 if you have any questions about these updates.