Drop Ticket Helpful Hints

Please take a look at the following items before you submit a drop ticket application.

  • The Agent does not order the Medical Requirements...some carriers have the examing company call the client to schedule the requirements; some carriers schedule the medical requirements at the end of the phone interview.
  • All policies are written with payment upon delivery.  Please do not accept premium.
  • If BUA has shopped the case, or if you are moving the case from one BUA carrier to another, please contact your wholesaler to make sure this is the best method of submission.
  • The Owner must be the Insured for Drop Ticket submissions.
  • Your client will be receiving a phone call to complete some portions of the application - please prepare him/her.  ***Principal will only call the client one time and then the client must call them to complete; Banner and Protective will make 5 attempts to complete the phone interview.
  • You should provide the "what to expect/what happens next" flyer to your client