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Accelerated Underwriting (AU) is a streamlined process designed to get clients through underwriting quickly with minimal requirements, usually avoiding exams, labs, and APS's. Upon completion of the online or paper drop ticket, a phone interview is conducted by the carrier with the proposed insured. The interviewer completes the medical questions in 30 to 45 minutes, utilizing additional drill-down questions in an attempt to rule out any unnecessary requirements.  If all goes well, the policy can be approved without an exam, blood, urine, or time consuming APS requests.  However, if something is uncovered that requires additional research, the carrier may ask for traditional underwriting requirements like exams, labs, and attending physician’s statements.

Online Drop Ticket

The fastest way to start a ticket!  Pick your carrier, drop your ticket.  We'll keep you posted along the way.  It's really simple!

Paper Drop Ticket

Don't want to submit online?  Use the paper drop ticket and fax or email it to us.  We'll submit it for you and initiate the tele-interview.