“I couldn’t do anything. I had to lie at home for months. I couldn’t sell. I couldn’t get out there. Dealing with people face to face is my bread and butter. I could have lost a lot of money. Knowing that I had these benefits coming helped the business certainly, but it also gave me piece of mind.”

-Bill W, Overhead Expense Insurance Claimant

When Business Owners become too sick or hurt to work, they face a triple threat:

  1. Keeping a roof over their heads:  How could they make ends meet at home if they’re unable to earn an income?
  2. Keeping the doors open of the business open:  Even though an owner or key employee is disabled, business expenses continue and need to be paid.
  3. Keeping the business investment intact:  If the owner cannot return to the business, would the business be able to continue?

Business owners need your help in understanding the threats a disability can pose and the solutions available to help protect the businesses they've worked so hard to establish and grow.   

Overhead Expense

Business Over Expense insurance reimburses a business owner for expenses incurred during a disability.  

Business Loan Protection

Covers loans taken out for business purposes in the event of a disability.

Key Person Replacement

Provides benefits to a business in the event a key employee who is critical to the success of the business become totally disabled.

Disability Buy-Out

Funds a buy-sell agreement to buy out a totally disabled business owner on a reimbursement basis.

BUA offers a variety of income and business planning solutions for a wide range of occupations and coverage needs.

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