March is Women's History Month


Women make their mark in countless ways - not just in their careers, but also in their families and their communities.  Whether they are business owners, stay-at-home moms, working moms or single philanthropists, make it your mission to ensure they know about the life insurance solutions available to empower their legacy goals.

Banner has created a new marketing resource called “Campaign in a box”. “Campaign in a box is a collection of client-facing materials that can be used for prospecting.  Click the "Agent Guide" below on on page 3 you can click to download the entire campaign.  The campaign has a Zip file for each week of elements, including optional postcards, communication email templates, client handouts (flyers to include in email communication or for single use), social media posts.  The campaign material also includes tips for creating buzz, promoting outreach, follow-up and additional ideas.

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