Underwriting Excellent Through All Stages of Underwriting

We excel in handling your cases through all stages of underwriting.  

Our underwriting team, led by Justin Mills-Ward, utilize a highly developed set of tools,  experience, and carrier relationships to negotiate the very best possible offer for your clients at every stage of the underwritng process.  

Preliminary stage

Getting an accurate quote on the front end, setting the right expectations for your client, is critical to success.  Justin has access to the same underwriting manuals that carriers use.  He also has the ability to read ekgs and APSs.  We have also developed proprietary impairment-specific questionnaires and preliminary applications.  These resources allow us to get your case to the right carrier at the right rate, the first time. 

Underwriting stage

With a keen understanding of medical and financial underwriting, we shepherd your case through underwriting at the carrier.  We try to eliminate exorbitant requirements and expedite decisions on your cases.  Our underwriter also reviews complex cases on the front end and writes cover letters, pointing out all the favorable elements of a case, to ensure all credits are applied to the underwriting decision.

Post-issue stage

Our underwriter reviews every case that is approved at a rate other than applied.  Our first step is to appeal the rating, and we have over a 50% success rate at getting your client a better offer.  When not possible, we will shop your case with every carrier to find your client a better underwriting classification, modifying products when necessary.  We are also willing to discuss with you and your client the reason for any adverse ratings, clearing up any discrepancies and explain the rationale of the decision.