Life Staff Directory

In addition to having the strongest life insurance product portfolio in the brokerage business, BUA also has one of the most experienced and creative staffs.  Our decades of experience, competitive analysis and underwriting depth have led to a distinctive approach to finding the best solutions for your clients.

Management Contacts

Manager - Life Internal Wholesaling

330.576.1127 Ext: 3275

New Business Supervisor

330.576.1123 Ext: 3875

Life Contacts

Brokerage Sales Manager

330.576.1113 Ext: 3500

Brokerage Sales Manager

330.576.1119 Ext: 3200

Brokerage Sales Manager

330.576.1117 Ext: 3600

Brokerage Sales Manager

216.896.6292 Ext: 2020

Internal Wholesaler

330.576.1762 Ext: 3725

Internal Wholesaler

330.576.1125 Ext: 3175

Case Manager

330.576.1135 Ext: 3525

Licensing & Contracting/Case Placement

330.576.1115 Ext: 3800

Case Placement Manager

330.576.1760 Ext: 3825

Regional Sales Director - Edward Jones

Internal Wholesaler - Edward Jones