Zurich: AG49-A Transition Rules for Zurich IUL Products


Effective November 23, 2020, WinFlex Web will be updated with the rates in the table below and the new maximum loan interest spread of 0.50% in order to comply with the new AG49A requirements for Zurich’s Index UL products.

All new policies placed in-force on or after December 14, 2020 must have an illustration that complies with AG49A.

Note: There are no changes to the actual products at this time, including current growth cap rates, index spreads, and guaranteed bonuses on interest credited in the prior year for all three products.

Product Maximum Illustrative Rate
Zurich Wealth Builder IUL Old New
S&P 500® Index 6.84% 5.95%
S&P 500® Plus Index 7.45% 6.38%
S&P 500® Uncapped Index 6.74% 5.95%
Nasdaq-100 Index® Uncapped 6.84% 5.95%
Zurich Select IUL Old New
S&P 500® Index 5.92% 5.29%
Russell 2000® Index 5.49% 5.29%
MSCI EAFE Index 5.19% 5.29%
MSCI Emerging Markets Index 5.16% 4.72%
Zurich Survivor IUL Old New
S&P 500® Index 6.05% 5.26%
S&P 500® Plus Index 7.45% 5.69%
S&P 500® Uncapped Index 6.05% 5.26%
Nasdaq-100® Index Uncapped 6.05% 5.26%

Transition Guidelines for Zurich Index UL cases:

I. To use the existing illustration regulation prior to AG49A:

All delivery and premium requirements must be received by the administrative office in good order and the policy placed in-force on or before December 11, 2020.

II. For cases not placed in-force by December 11, 2020:

 A new illustration compliant with AG49-A will be required