Securian: Changes to WriteFit Underwriting in NY Now in Effect


In order to comply with recent regulatory changes in the state of New York, Securian updated their WriteFit Underwriting guidelines. Effective today, July 31, 2020 the following new tools and guidelines were implemented to the WriteFit Underwriting program in New York only:

  • Face amounts less than or equal to $250,000 (WriteFit Express1) will be eligible for standard rates only. Preferred select, preferred and non-tobacco plus offers will not be available.
  • Face amounts greater than $250,000 (WriteFit) will be eligible for preferred, non-tobacco plus or standard rates only. Preferred select offers will not be available.
  • If the insured is not eligible for acceleration, they will receive a notification letter advising them they are not eligible for the accelerated program. This letter will be mailed shortly after the final underwriting decision is made.

While most life insurance carriers don’t offer accelerated underwriting programs in New York due to its regulatory environment, Securian is committed to continue delivering the excellent service you and your clients have come to expect.

Please give us a call at 1-800-792-6795 if you have questions or need assistance submitting a Securian application!

1. If declined, a 90-day waiting period will be enforced before a new application can be submitted.