Symetra: Temporary Changes to Underwriting Guidelines



Last spring, as a result of COVID-19, Symetra announced several temporary changes to their underwriting guidelines. Symetra is pleased to announce they are easing some of these restrictions, effective immediately.

Key Highlights:

  • For ages 60 to 69, Symetra is now applying routine underwriting assessment and criteria.
  • For thehigh-net-worth foreign national market program, Symetra has reverted to the pre-COVID underwriting capabilities (for A & B countries up $20 million in capacity).

Please see the table below for additional details and requirements.

All cases

A Good Heath Statement will be required.

Ages 70 and above

No changes to the previously communicated guidelines.

Ages 66 and above
with co-morbidities

Proposed insureds having one or more of the following co-morbidities or a single co-morbidity rated Table 2 or higher will automatically be postponed. Co-morbidities include coronary artery disease, diabetes, pulmonary issues, obesity and immunosuppression disorders.

Ages 65 and above
who vape

If the proposed insured vapes or uses vaping products, the case will be declined.


Smokers who are not Standard or better will be postponed.

These guidelines apply to new formal and informal cases, as well as any submitted cases that are still in underwriting review.

Symetra will continue to monitor updates from the U.S. Department of State and CDC, as well as other local, state and federal agencies, and they reserve the right to adjust these guidelines as conditions warrant.


As the COVID-19 situation continues to progress, Symetra is constantly assessing their guidelines and procedures to ensure that they are evolving with these unprecedented events. 
Today, Symetra is announcing temporary changes to the underwriting guidelines as they relate to older ages, smokers and clients with additional comorbidities. These changes are an update to the March 24, 2020 communication and will be effective Wednesday, April 15, 2020, until further notice. Changes are detailed below.

  • Ages 80 and above: Postpone 45 days
  • Ages 70-79 (all risks over Standard Non-Nicotine): Postpone 45 days
  • Ages 66-69 (all risks over Table 2 Non-Nicotine): Postpone 45 days
  • Ages 60-65 (all risks over Table 4 Non-Nicotine): Postpone 45 days

These guidelines will apply to new formal and informal cases, as well as any cases that are currently with Symetra where an underwriting decision has not been made.

Symetra continue to require a good health statement on all cases.

Smokers must be Preferred or better, otherwise they will be postponed. Symetra will decline any cases over age 60 where the proposed insured vapes or uses vaping products.

Cases ages 60 and older with the following comorbidities will be automatically postponed for 45 days: coronary artery disease, diabetes, pulmonary issues, obesity/weight builds and immunosuppression disorders.

Please note that for any cases that are postponed, Symetra will re-underwrite the risk and review any new additional evidence after the postponement period.

Please give us a call at 1-800-792-6795 should you have any questions on these updates.