Mutual of Omaha: Important State of Washington Long-Term Care Rider Announcement



Mutual of Omaha has made the decision to suspend sales of the Long-Term Care Rider effective immediately in the state of Washington. They will continue to accept applications for the Income Advantage and Life Protection Advantage IUL policies that do not include the Long-Term Care Rider.

Transition Rules

  • Effective immediately Income Advantage and Life Protection Advantage IUL applications, with the LTC Rider in the state of Washington, will NOT be accepted.
  • All paper and electronic applications that include the LTC Rider must be received in good order at Mutual of Omaha by 5:00 p.m. (CT) on Friday, August 13, 2021. Drop Tickets submitted before the deadline cannot have the LTC Rider added after submission. Applications received after this deadline will be closed. No exceptions will be made.

Mutual of Omaha ismaking every effort possible to issue policies as soon as possible. However, they cannot guarantee policies will be issued by the Washington deadline. 

Mutual of Omaha is fully committed to the Long-Term Care business and they expect to resume sales on November 1, 2021.



Effective Thursday, July 22, 2021, for the State of Washington ONLY, Mutual of Omaha is increasing the minimum face amount required on all IUL insurance policy applications that include the long-term care rider to $250,000. 

This action is being taken to prevent individuals from applying for a life insurance policy with LTC to avoid the Washington State's Long-Term Care Trust Act payroll tax deduction with no intention of keeping the policy in force.  Mutual of Omaha has a responsibility to our policyholders and distribution partners to ensure our product offerings are used as designed, offering lasting life insurance and LTC protection to our valued customers. 

Products Impacted 

  • Income Advantage IUL
  • Life Protection IUL
  • Professional Advantage IUL 

Transition Period 

  • Applications signed before July 22, 2021 will be processed as applied for.
  • All pending in-house business will be processed as applied for.
  • Any applications signed July 22, 2021 or after with a face amount lower than $250,000 will be returned for a new application.  
    No exceptions will be made. 

Thank you for your continued business, partnership, and commitment to Mutual of Omaha.