Many people don't think it will happen to them.


In planning for long term care, many people don't believe they will need help.  However, the fact is that 7 out of every 10 people over 65  are going to need some form of assistance at some point.

Helping your clients develop a complete financial plan that can help them prepare for life's unpredictable events is more important than ever.

BUA has several highly competitive asset based solutions for protection against the potentially devastating expense of long-term care.  Long Term Care Basics

All of these solutions provide for your client if they live, quit, or die.

  • Live - Access to great LTC benefits and cash values
  • Quit - Excellent surrender values including return of premium options
  • Die - Death benefits that pass income and estate tax free to beneficiaries

Universal Life with LTC Benefits

  • Indemnity payout provides more flexibility. Offers high minimum death benefit.
  • Simplified underwriting through phone interview.

Single or Flex Pay Life Insurance with LTC Rider 

  • Fully guaranteed death benefit and LTC coverage. Two return of premium options.
  • Streamlined underwriting with no medical exams or lab tests required

Asset based LTC

  • Annuity Care is a SPDA for qualified or non-qualified, optional Lifetime LTC benefit.
  • Asset-Care is a life policy with LTC rider for qualified and non-qualified money.

Fixed annuity with LTC 

  • $100,000 can get you up to $300,000 in LTC coverage. Non-qualified money only.
  • Great for joint coverage. Simplified underwriting, 9 questions and tele-interview.

Take the Time to Plan Now!

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