Securian - VUL Defender is Getting a Facelift


On May 1, 2023, VUL Defender® will be better than ever with new and improved pricing in many cells, primarily for 10-pay and lifetime pay policies, along with product improvements that can make it an attractive option for clients looking for lifetime guarantees. Check out some of the highlights and transition rules of these exciting updates!

  • Repriced to be more competitive in short pay and lifetime pay designs.
  • New non-tobacco plus (NT+) underwriting class
    • Standard rates will change slightly as a result of adding this underwriting class.
    • See Transition Rules below related to this change.
  • Changes when including No Lapse Guarantee Agreement (NLGA)
    • Waiver of the fund allocation restrictions that previously placed limits on the percentage of net premium allocations, transfers and rebalancing that can be allocated to variable sub-accounts.
      • The fund allocation restrictions have been waived on in force and new sales of VUL Defender. We reserve the right to enforce the limits in the future. A new amendment reflecting this change will be sent to all existing policyholders and included with any new policies sold. Allocation forms have also been updated to reflect this change.
    • Monthly or quarterly automatic rebalancing is no longer required when adding NLGA.

Transition Rules

In force policies

Beginning Monday, May 1, 2023

  • For policies with NLGA, if changes are made to a policy that creates a new layer of coverage, “old” NLGA rates will apply to the “old” layers and the new layer will use the updated rates.
  • Policyholders that qualify for a standard underwriting class on a policy change that creates a new layer of coverage will receive the updated standard rates on that portion.
  • NT+ will be available as an underwriting class for policy changes that result in a new layer of coverage in all states except CA (pending state approval).

Pending Business

  • Policies with an app received date prior to May 1, 2023 will not receive the updated pricing.

Additional information

  •  To check when an illustration was run, you can find it on the cover page or at the bottom of the “Important information about your life insurance policy” section on page 1.
  •  Exchanges and conversions will also follow the same rules listed above.


Please give our sales team a call at 800.792.6795 if you have any questions or need assistance with illustrations/applications.