Symetra: SwiftTerm Maximum Face Amount Increase


Symetra is pleased to announce enhancements to their SwiftTerm product.  SwiftTerm is affordable term life insurance that utilizes a fast and easy automated application process. 

  • Policy size increase to $5 million: Symetra is increasing the maximum policy size from $3 million to $5 million to accommodate more of your customers’ growing coverage needs.
  • Age increase to 55 on 30-year term: Symetra is increasing the maximum issue age for the 30-year term period from 50 to 55 years old for non-nicotine users.
  • Redesigned SwiftTerm client page: The current SwiftTerm customer page is getting a new look and is moving to their main website,, to join the other products and be easier for your clients to find. The SwiftTerm page will have a new address, so please be sure to bookmark the new one today:

SwiftTerm is the only end-to-end digital platform that’s fast, easy and can provide up to $5 million in coverage in as little as 18 minutes.So if you’re looking to heat up your life insurance sales this summer, look to SwiftTerm as your go-to online solution.

Before recommending SwiftTerm to your clients, you must be properly licensed and appointed with Symetra.  Click here to get contracted.

*Depending upon your client's answers during the application process, your client may travel down one of three underwriting paths - instant coverage, accelerated underwriting or full underwriting. The typical coverage turnaround time is about 18 minutes for instant coverage, 24-72 hours for accelerated underwriting and 30 days for full underwriting. Premium payment is required for coverage to be in effect.