Introducing Prudential e-Issue


Prudential believes flexibility and service are a key differentiator for not only their business, but yours as well. Increased utilization of electronic capabilities, like eDelivery, can lead to improved cycle time and placement rates, as well as offer a better client experience. With this in mind, Prudential is pleased to announce eIssue, a temporary enhancement to the Term eDelivery Bonus Program while they develop longer-term solutions to further improve the eDelivery process.


  • All term policies that do not qualify for eDelivery will now be issued via eIssue
  • An email will be sent to the case manager email address provided on the Agent's Report or cover letter when the policy is issued which includes a link providing access to a PDF policy version via Life Case Status on the Prudential Xpress website.
  • A paper policy WILL NOT be printed and mailed; the policy will need to be printed from the PDF file in Life Case Status and wet signatures must be collected from applicable parties and appropriate paperwork submitted to the Prudential Home Office for processing.
  • If eDelivery is desired (previously communicated eDelivery eligibility restrictions apply) an eDelivery Consent form must be completed
  • Upon placement, the policy will qualify for the Prudential Term eDelivery Rewards Bonus. The previously communicated Bonus program parameters apply. 
  • The client's delivery preference (hard copy or electronic via eDelivery or eIssue) can be updated at any time by contacting your dedicated New Business Case Management Team prior to a policy being generated. If a paper policy is printed and mailed that case will not qualify for the Term eDelivery bonus program.

Please give us a call at 1-800-792-6795 should you have additional questions about eDelivery or the eIssue processes.