Prudential: PruFast Track Changes Effective Today


Prudential is continuously evaluating and improving their accelerated underwriting PruFast Track process. They are pleased to announce the PruFast Track maximum face amount will be permanently increased to $3 million.

Based on thier experience over the past several months, Prudential is making a permanent change to offer accelerated decisions on cases up to and including $3 million. The probability of receiving an accelerated decision (no exam/lab/medical records) is higher at the younger ages and lower face amounts. Cases over $1 million and up to $3 million will be less likely to receive an accelerated decision; however, Prudential will utilize EHRs and APSs in some cases in place of the exam/labs.

PruFast Track cases requiring full underwriting will now require a paramed exam and labs.  The temporary pandemic measures utilizing an EHR/APS in place of an exam/labs will be discontinued.

Marketing materials will be updated in the near future.

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