Prudential: Premium Limit Increased for Single Life Products


After careful consideration, Prudential has made the decision to increase the premium limit on most single life insurance products. The premium limit for single life products (listed below) will increase from $500,000, per insured, to $1,000,000 and applies in all years. Therefore, planned premiums cannot be greater than $1,000,000 for the listed single life products. This does not change the limits existing on survivorship policies, which will remain at $1,000,000 in any year. There is no impact to inforce policies.

The following product versions will get the higher Premium Limits in all states, except for New York

  • Term Essential and Elite
  • VUL Protector 2021
  • Custom Premier II
  • Founders Plus 2021
  • Essential UL 2021
  • IAUL 2020

The premium limit will remain at $500,000 in NY and in states using the previous versions of these single life products and will remain $1,000,000 for all survivorship products in all states.

Important dates:

May 10, 2021 – Prudential’s illustration system will be updated to allow quotes with premiums above the previous limit of $500,000 but will not allow quotes above $1,000,000 in any year. 

Offering a broad, diversified suite of life insurance solutions is a priority at Prudential and they will continue to work with their financial professionals and customers in helping them plan and achieve financial wellness.