Prudential FlexGuard® Life IVUL now available!


Prudential is excited to announce the introduction of a new addition to their life insurance portfolio and an entirely new category for Prudential!
FlexGuard Life indexed variable universal life (IVUL)— available on November 14, 2022*—is an innovative, highly customizable life insurance product designed to meet the unique needs of individual clients. The first of its kind for Prudential in the new IVUL category, it offers more upside potential than traditional IUL products and more downside protection than traditional VUL options, with NEW buffered index strategies.

PROTECTION- Life insurance death benefit protection with guaranteed duration options.

GROWTH - Multiple ways to grow cash values, including our unique index strategies that offer levels of downside protection. **

ACCESS - Ability to access cash value with living benefits clients can use in the event of chronic or terminal illness.

Important features include:
• A built-in 5-year No-Lapse death benefit guarantee with options to extend the duration for an additional cost.
• Options to grow cash values—including innovative buffered index strategies.
• A variety of ways to further custom-craft the policy, including the popular BenefitAccess Rider, and Overloan Protection Rider.

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Please give us a call at 1-800-792-6795 for more information or to see illustrations with the new product!

* Subject to state availability.
** Variable investment options do not offer protection levels.