Protective: Improvements to Underwriting Guidelines


Starting May 10, 2023,  Protective is pleased to introduce new updates to their underwriting guidelines and requirements.  Below are some of the improvements:

Family history
The Select Preferred underwriting criteria will no longer factor in whether a client’s parent or sibling had an incidence of cancer, heart disease or cardiac condition prior to age 60 — only whether they died prior to age 60. This means more clients with a family history of cancer or heart disease will qualify for Best Class.

Dual manual approach for build 
Protective has discontinued their internal build chart in favor of using the best result achieved from two reinsurance manuals (Hannover Re & Swiss Re). Credits can be applied in some cases with other favorable risk factors.

Senior build
Protective is implementing minor adjustments to Select Preferred and Preferred build cutoffs for applicants aged 71 and up.

PLUS — accelerated program throughput
Protective has made some adjustments to the Protective Life Underwriting Solution (PLUS) program to help more cases qualify for fluidless underwriting; improving outcomes for more cases at Preferred rates.


And the best part is Protective's term products are available on Vive, so you can quickly submit your next case!