Latest Reprice of Protective® Classic Choice term


Protective is excited to announce they have lowered their Protective® Classic Choice term prices once again.

  • Protective's lower prices put them in the #1 spot 55% of the time for monthly and annual premium scenarios.
  • 35- and 40-year term periods make them one of only three carriers in the market to have level term coverage for up to 40 years.
  • Protective Classic Choice Term is available on Vive!

Transition Rules:

  • For paper business: applications must be signed and received on or before November 28, 2022.
  • For electronic ticket business and direct writers: applications must be signed and received on or before December 12, 2022.
  • Any application in Underwriting on November 14, 2022, may choose the version of the product (old or new) but will retain the rates they are initially quoted unless otherwise requested up until the case has been approved.
  • New York does not have a rate change, but the plan codes are changing so they will follow the above rules.

Please give us a call at 1.800.792.6795 if you have any questions!