Oscar in OH | QLE update and “stay at home” resource page


In this confusing and stressful time, we want to make sure you have the information and resources you need. Please keep reading to find out about (1) Ohio’s update to Loss of Job QLE and (2) what “stay at home” means for you and your clients. 

Ohio’s update to Loss of Job QLE:

  • Which QLE is being changed?
    The only QLE which is being impacted is the Loss of Job QLE - "My health insurance coverage ended because I, or a family member, left a job that was providing health insurance." No other QLEs are being changed at this time.
  • Is this change for both On and Off-Exchange?
    No. This change only applies to Off-Exchange enrollments. It allows employees who have recently lost their job to obtain coverage the same day they lost their existing coverage via Off-Exchange enrollment. On-Exchange enrollments follow the standard effective date options.
  • What documentation is required for this QLE?
    Oscar requires the standard QLE documentation as proof.
  • What are the dates associated with this QLE?
    In addition to the standard QLE start dates, OH enrollments with the Loss of Job QLE may now select to have their new coverage begin as of the date they lost their existing coverage. E.g., a prospect who loses their coverage 4/2 could enroll with a 4/2 effective date. This change is effective 3/20/20 and will remain in effect until Ohio determines otherwise.
  • Is this change valid in any non-OH states?
    At this time, this effective date change only applies to Ohio - no other states are impacted. We'll update you as more developments arise.

What does Ohio’s “stay at home” order mean for you and your clients?

Ohio’s “stay at home” order means that you must stay home unless it is absolutely necessary to go out and that only essential businesses will remain open. This means that you can leave home to get food at the grocery store, care for relatives, go to the doctor, and pick up meds at the pharmacy. Stay up-to-date on changes to what’s open in Ohio by visiting https://coronavirus.ohio.gov/wps/portal/gov/covid-19/home/stay-at-home-information/stay-at-home-order-frequently-asked-questions.

If you or your clients have additional questions about “stay at home” and how this impacts prescriptions and doctor visits, we’ve created a resource page to help answer some of these questions.

We are here for you, your family, and your clients during this difficult time. Visit the COVID-19 resource center at hioscar.com/covid19 for the latest updates and helpful FAQs. If you have any questions, you can contact Broker Support at 1-855-672-2713 or brokers@hioscar.com. Oscar Broker Support is available Monday through Friday from 6:00 AM - 5:00 PM PST.