United of Omaha - Important Update Regarding Policy Output Procedures


State government social distancing responses change daily, and it is increasingly difficult to know which distribution partners have the ability to maintain back office support for policy receipt and delivery. Therefore, as an interim solution, United of Omaha will begin mailing all life insurance policies direct to customers effective Wednesday, April 1st.  This change is being implemented with the best interests of customers and distribution partners in mind to ensure timely policy delivery to customers in this ever-changing environment

Updated Life Policy Output Procedures
Beginning April 1, 2020, all life insurance policies with or without delivery requirements will be mailed directly to the policyholder. The general agency and producers will not receive a copy.

  • An email will be sent to the general agency contact at time of policy issue listing any needed delivery requirements. A copy of the delivery requirements will not be attached.
  • All delivery requirements will be included in the policy output package.
  • Case Monitoring will reflect all outstanding and received delivery requirements.

A Customer Letter will be enclosed outlining where to send the requirements. An envelope is also included in the policy kit for the client to submit delivery requirements back to the home office. Detailed instructions on each requirement are not included.

Please refer to the FAQ below, and contact your New Business case manager at BUA with any questions.