United of Omaha: Simplified Issue Product Updates Effective March 1st


United of Omaha is excited to announce maximum issue age increases to both their IUL Express and Term Life Express Non-ROP (10T) products that will be effective March 1, 2023! These enhancements will position their Simplified Issue product options to be available in more sales scenarios and will serve a wider range of clients. Below are some of the key updates you will need to know:

IUL Express:

  • Maximum issue ages for both Tobacco and Non-Tobacco ratings will increase to age 75
    • Currently Non-Tobacco is age 70 and Tobacco is age 65
  • Maximum face amount for ages 71-75 will remain $150,000

Term Life Express Non-ROP (10T):

  • Maximum issue age for Non-Tobacco* will increase to age 75
    • *Please note there is no Tobacco rating available for this product
  • Maximum face amount for ages 71-75 will remain $150,000

Transition Rules:

  • Applications must be signed, and submitted with a March 1, 2023 date or after, to be eligible to apply with these increased ages.
  • If your client would like to change products, applying for IUL Express or Term Life Express (10T non ROP) at these new ages will require a withdraw of the pending application, or a replacement of an issued policy.

Learn more about their entire portfolio of Simplified Issue products at mutualofomaha.com/simple.

Please give our sales team a call at 1.800.792.6795 if you have any questions about these updates!