Oceanview: Operations Update- Cybersecurity Incident


Last week, Infosys McCamish Systems (“McCamish”), the third-party administrator of Oceanview Life and Annuity Company (“Oceanview”), became aware of a cyberattack affecting a limited number of McCamish servers. McCamish disconnected the impacted McCamish systems that caused a temporary disruption of the applications and systems of Oceanview. The disconnection has prevented Oceanview from being able to process any application and agent protocols. Since the incident, McCamish has retained a third-party cyber security expert to conduct a comprehensive investigation of the incident. McCamish has now informed Oceanview that it presently expects to be able to restore the operations of Oceanview by Tuesday, November 21st, 2023.

To date, McCamish’s continuing investigation has not indicated that any of Oceanview’s client or agent information has been accessed as part of the incident.

Oceanview apologizes to all that have been impacted by this service disruption.

You have Oceanview’s commitment that you will receive any significant updates to this information as they are received from McCamish.