MassMutual Strategic Distributors: Now Live on iPipeline


MassMutual Strategic Distributors’ (MMSD) has been committed to building on their digital platform to improve and refine their initial “go-to-market” electronic order entry offering. Here is an update on three key items:

• Product availability on iGO through iService tool

• Reminder on resources available for producer contracting

• Slight delay impacting the launch of iGO in New York


MassMutual products available on iGO

MassMutual’s Whole Life, Term, Universal Life, Life-LTC Hybrid (available to independent producers) and DI products are now available, including Life and DI combination applications.

Producer contracting

We would like to take this opportunity to remind you of the importance of ensuring your producers are contracted with MMSD prior to submitting business. Here are two helpful links to the Producer Onboarding Success Kit and Producer Onboarding Enhancements Overview session recording to guide them in the process.

  • Producers not contracted at all will receive an error message on the case set up screen and will not be able to proceed forward.
  • Producers not contracted with MMSD through the submitting BGA will receive an error message on the case set up

In either situation, please contact BUA to complete appropriate contracting paperwork. Until onboarding and contracting is complete, producers can submit the applications to MMSD through BUA utilizing the current paper process. As soon as the producer is notified that they are contracted with MMSD, they may use iGO for MMSD submissions.

Launch of Life products delayed for New York

One of MMSD’s highest priorities is to provide digital capabilities for their distribution partners in the way in which they prefer to do business. MMSD has been working closely with iPipeline to be able to launch their life products on iGO for sale in the state of New York. To ensure all features are ready for their distribution partners, there is a need for additional testing. Details will be provided on the timing of when their products will be available on iGO for sale in New York in the near future. Thank you for your patience.