Coming Soon - Pricing Improvements for Lincoln MoneyGuard® II


Effective July 15, 2024, Lincoln is implementing pricing improvements to Lincoln MoneyGuard II (2020), which improves competitive positioning in targeted areas.

Following a transition period, Lincoln MoneyGuard® II (2020) – 07/15/24 will replace currently sold Lincoln MoneyGuard II® (2020) - 01/22/24 in the state of California.

Pricing Improvements

Pricing improvements ranging from 4% to 17% are strategically focused on the following areas:

  • Issue Ages 55-65
  • 3% Compound Inflation
  • 6-year Long-term care durations

Designs outside of the targeted improvements will have pricing increases and decreases varying by a wider range as part of these updates.

Availability and Transition Guidelines

Pending firm approval, applications for Lincoln MoneyGuard II (2020) – 07/15/24 will be accepted beginning on July 15, 2024, in California.

  • For applications to qualify for the current MoneyGuard II (2020) – 01/22/24 pricing, a projection of values and the completed Part 1 must be signed, dated, and received in-goodorder by Lincoln’s home office by Friday, August 16, 2024.
  • For pending or issued business on or after July 15, 2024, Lincoln will accept requests with a revised projection of values to change to the MoneyGuard II (2020) – 07/15/24 pricing.
  • For placed business, normal internal replacement guidelines apply. Rewrites will not be accepted.
  • As of July 15, 2024, Lincoln DesignItSM and WinFlex will be updated with the new product version. During the transition period both versions can be run.
  • Ensure that you are appropriately credentialed. Clients of financial professionals who are not properly credentialed to solicit business when the paperwork is submitted will be subject to the product version in effect on the date when the financial professional becomes properly credentialed and resubmits the paperwork.
  • Remember that once an application is submitted, the Personal History Interview (PHI) must be completed within 60 days of submission. In addition, the case must be placed within 60 days of the PHI. If these conditions are not met, the case will be closed out. If a case is reopened, a new Part 1 must be submitted, and the case will be subject to the product version available at that time.

Illustration Capabilities

If you have an active internet connection, the Lincoln’s DesignItSM (v65.0D) and WinFlex illustration systems will automatically update with this change effective July 15, 2024. If you need to download software, it is available on the Lincoln producer website.

Reference and Marketing Materials

All impacted materials will be updated and made available for viewing on the various Lincoln websites and for order from the Lincoln Literature Fulfillment Center.