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Horizon, Legal & General’s new digital application, is available on Vive! Legal & General has not only digitized their application journey but has improved the underwriting process – meaning faster completion and decisions made in real time.

A new underwriting platform

  • Gives clients an easy-to-complete digital application*
  • Collects relevant information with reflexive questions
  • Reduces the need for exams for eligible applicants
  • Quickly obtains requirements and makes decisions in real-time
  • Keeps you and your clients informed and offers self-service options
  • Reduces cycle time even if exam-free underwriting is not available

1. What is the eligibility criteria for Horizon?

  • Ages 20 - 64
  • $2M and under
  • All states except NY and FL
  • Proposed Insured is Owner and Payor
  • No Riders, TIAA, Waiver of Premium or Business coverage
  • No agent splits

2. What if the applicant is outside of the Horizon criteria?

If the applicant does not qualify for Horizon, he/she will go through the traditional AppAssist process where tele-app service takes on application fulfillment and all requirements over the phone. He/she may still be eligible for accelerated, lab-free approval.

3. What information will NOT be mapped from the Vive ticket into Horizon’s online application?

  • Full Social Security Number (only last 4 transfers)
  • Driver’s license state and number
  • Insured US citizen (Y/N)
  • Existing or Pending Coverage.  If Yes, will need specific information for the online application or telephone interview
  • Owner information (if not insured)
  • Beneficiary information including SSN and address

4. What email communication will the applicant receive?

The applicant will receive an initial email with an introduction, explanation of the online link and what they will need for the life insurance application.  The agency will be copied on this introduction email.  

A reminder email is sent (Day 2, 4, 7, and 15 after initial email is sent), with the link to continue online and a countdown until the link expires. The agency will be copied on the reminder email for Day 15.


Please give us a call at 1-800-792-6795 if you have questions about the program or if you need assistance with using Vive!

*The new digital application is available for Banner Life business only at this time and is not available in New York

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