AIG: Express underwriting for Select-a-Term: Now on Vive!


As of August 31, 2021, Vive platform submissions will include express underwriting for Select-a-Term (SAT) which will provide a more efficient process for you and your client.

A simpler, faster way to do business 
This streamlined underwriting process provides a path to policy approval that does not require an exam, labs or APS records. At the end of the tele-interview AIG will provide a data-driven decision as to whether an exam is required. If an exam is required, the tele-interviewer will immediately schedule the exam for the client. This virtually eliminates the need to re-contact your client to schedule an exam, resulting in a more seamless client experience.

How does it work?
1)  Apply

  • Apply through VIVE Platform.

2) Tele-interview

  • Client contacted for application completion via tele-interview.
  • At the end of tele-interview, responses and data gathered are analyzed to provide a real time decision if an exam is required.
  • If an exam is needed, the interviewer will help schedule the appointment real-time with client. These cases will automatically pivot to full underwriting for prompt attention.

3) Sign application

  • Client signs DocuSign or wet signature, application returned to AIG.

4) Underwriting review

  • Additional requirements requested as necessary.
  • Underwriting decision provided to Financial Professional.
  • Clients that require full underwriting upon final review will be contacted to schedule exam and labs as needed.

5) Policy approved and delivered

  • Underwriting decision provided*
  • Approved policies are issued and delivered


Submission parameters

Express Underwriting
With few exceptions, applications that meet the product, age and face amount parameters below will start with the Express Underwriting process and go through tele-interview, regardless of rate class.*

Product Age/Face Amount Notes

AGL: Age 69 and under

USL: (New York)  Age 20-59

$1 million or less

To be eligible, cases must be submitted through VIVE platform

These new real-time process enhancements will be available in all states except Hawaii, New Hampshire and New York. In these states, the decision if an exam is required will be provided subsequent to the tele-interview.

If AIG is unable to make an underwriting decision based on the Express Underwriting, your client will automatically pivot to full underwriting which will include an in-person paramedical examination.

Tips for streamlined processing:

  • Ensure the client is prepared for the tele-interview and has medical information needed. Refer to the client guide, Preparing for the Tele-Interview and Exam, for preparation tips.
  • The tele-interview vendor will call the client. If the client is unable to answer the phone, the interviewer will leave a voice-mail message with instructions and a telephone number for the client to call.
  • IMPORTANT: The interviewer will direct your client to which contains consent language to review and approve as part of the initial voice-signature process. For fastest results, please ask your client to review the forms ahead of the interview to allow quick consent during the interview or have online access to review this language during the tele-interview.
  • For cases submitted by AG Quick Ticket, the ExamOne tele-interview phone line is 888-876-3407.
  • For cases submitted by iGOeApp or paper application, the CRL Plus tele-interview phone line is 877-243-2448.


*If we are unable to make an underwriting decision based on Express Underwriting, your client will automatically pivot to fullunderwriting. AIG Underwriting rules will determine final underwriting process based on medical and prescription history, insurance history, and other factors. Cases that require full underwriting will automatically pivot to an exam, which will be ordered by AIG. Some conditions that will result in full underwriting include: Alcohol or drug abuse treatment history, Atrial fibrillation, Bipolar Disorder (manic depression) or chronic depression, Cancer (except basal cell carcinoma or squamous cell carcinoma), Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, (COPD, chronic bronchitis, emphysema), Crohn’s disease, Chronic kidney disease excluding stones or urinary tract infection, Diabetes, Epilepsy or seizure disorder, Heart attack or heart disease, heart surgery, Heart valve replacement, Hepatitis, High blood pressure, High cholesterol. This list is not exhaustive and is not a guarantee of approval for the policy.