There are many components to financial security, but your ability to work and earn an income is what makes everything else possible.

Protect your income – the asset relied upon the most.

Income helps pay for everyday living expenses, gives us the freedom to do the things we love, and to plan for the future.  That is why it is vitally important to take steps to protect your financial foundation with disability income protection.   

BUA offers one of the most comprehensive suites of individual disability income protection products in the industry and has solutions for a variety of occupations and income levels.

Disability Income Insurance

In the event of a qualifying disability, the policy provides monthly benefits to help pay for daily living expenses, which may include increased medical expenses. 

DI Retirement Security

When a disability occurs, most can no longer save for retirement.  DI Retirement Security pays an additional benefit to help individuals continue saving for retirement.

Personal High Limit

Like most Americans, highly compensated individuals often maintain modest savings accounts relative to their monthly expenditures. This means that their need for disability insurance is equal to the generally agreed upon standard of 65% of income - only in larger monthly amounts.

BUA offers a variety of income and business planning solutions for a wide range of occupations and coverage needs.

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