New Straightforward GUL from Protective is Here!


Designed for clients seeking customizable guarantee lengths and predictable premium payments, Protective's newest product, Protective Lifetime Assurance UL, delivers competitively priced guaranteed death benefit protection that lasts a lifetime.  Your clients will always know what to expect with their policy.

  • Customizable guarantee lengths so clients are protected for their desired years of coverage
  • Predictable level-pay premiums that protect clients from surprises down the road
  • Straightforward coverage, meaning clients can confidently understand how their policy works before signing the -paperwork
  • Return of Premium Endorsement - on or after the 10th policy year,  will pay policyholders 25% of all premiums paid to date if they choose to fully surrender their coverage. 
    • Applicants are not eligible for this rider if they fall within the Tobacco underwriting class
    • Available to those with table ratings up to and including Table 4 and policyholders with a flat extra premium up to and including $5 per thousand 

This product is not designed for single pay or short pay scenarios and it does not take 1035 exchanges.

Please give us a call today at 1-800-792-6795 to see this product can work for your GUL clients!