Protective Classic Choice Term Reprice 01/11/2021


Starting January 11, 2021, Protective Classic Choice term will have even lower rates, putting it in the Top 3 or better 95% of the time in monthly pay scenarios and in the Top 3 or better 92% of the time in annual pay scenarios*. Protective also made several other changes, including raising the maximum issue ages in their 10-30 year term periods, to help you offer this market-leading term product to even more clients.

Details about enhancements to the product:

  • Extending maturity age: Protective is increasing the maturity age from 90 to 95.
  • Increasing maximum issue ages: Protective is increasing maximum issue ages across several term periods to help you cover more clients.
    • The following increased maximum issue ages are available for Select Preferred, Preferred Non-Tobacco, and Non-Tobacco underwriting classes:
      • 10-Year Term: 18-80
      • 15-Year Term: 18-75
      • 20-Year Term: 18-70
      • 25-year Term: 18-60
      • 30-year Term: 18-58
  • Increasing the policy fee:  Protective's policy fee will be increasin from $55.00 to $65.00, but will remain fully commissionable.

Transition Rules

  • For ticket business and direct writers:  applications must be signed and received by the Home Office on or before Monday, February 8 to receive current rates.
  • For paper business: applications must be signed and received on or before January 25 to receive current rates.
  • Any application in underwriting on Monday, January 11 may choose between the old and new version of the product but will retain the rates initially quoted, unless otherwise requested up until the case has been approved.

Please give BUA a call at 1-800-792-6795 if you have any questions.


*Rankings current as of May 2020.  Based on comparison of Protective Classic Choice Term monthly premiums against 23 carriers, at quinquennial ages for three Non-Tobacco underwriting classes at durations of 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 years.