Cincinnati Life Introduces Accelerated Underwriting Process


Cincinnati Life’s Rapid Review accelerated underwriting process can simplify the life insurance application process for your clients. With no medical exams or lab testing, qualified clients will receive an offer within three business days. And, applicants who do not qualify for Rapid Review seamlessly continue through traditional underwriting with the same products and competitive rates

With Cincinnati Life’s Rapid Review:

  • A licensed representative manages the client interview and signature process
  • An underwriter examines every case prior to beginning the process
  • Some tobacco users are eligible

There are three easy steps for you to take for Rapid Review:

  1. View the eligibility guidelines to determine if your client may qualify
  2. Submit a drop ticket
  3. Wait three days or less for the offer

It’s that simple! Cincinnait Life handles the client interview and collect signatures. Your case manager keeps you in the loop along the way with status updates. Within three days, you’ll have an offer or they will order the medical requirements on your behalf and let you know that the traditional underwriting process will begin.

These guidelines can help you determine if your client may qualify for accelerated underwriting: 

  • Products: Term 10-, 15-, 20-, 25-, 30-year ROP Term 20-, 25-, 30-year
  • Ages: 18-50 (Based on actual age)
  • Death benefit amount: $100,000-$1 million (Maximum includes all Cincinnati Life policies – current and requested)
  • Underwriting classifications: Standard nonsmoker or better (Includes non-smoking tobacco users)
    • Non-smoking tobacco users include Smokeless tobacco, Chewing tobacco, dip, snuff, Cigar, Pipe
  • Application type: Drop ticket through ApplicInt or iGO
  • Residency: All states except California and New York
  • Citizenship: U.S. citizen or permanent resident with solicitation and sale in United States

It’s best to set the expectation with your client that qualifying for Rapid Review is not automatic. For some clients, an underwriting decision requires no additional steps. However, in other cases, clients will need to continue through the traditional underwriting process. Explain to your client that full underwriting may be required after the telephone interview.

For additional information, please refer the documents below or give BUA a call at 1-800-792-6795.