Banner: Underwriting Improvements


The underwriting team at Banner Life is always looking for ways to responsibly improve how they evaluate risk. By mining growing data sources and experience, they can ultimately help more customers get the affordable coverage they need. Banner is pleased to be making changes in the following areas:

Marijuana use consideration for non-tobacco rate classes
Previously, with any Marijuana use the best offer was Preferred Tobacco rates. Banner will review the overall unique medical context of each applicant and can now consider:

  • Preferred Plus NT for very infrequent use of 1-2x per year
  • Standard Plus NT for recreational use up to 8x per month
  • More frequent use will be reviewed for individual consideration

Please keep in mind, these are best case ratings and do not include other medical conditions or histories which will be taken into consideration. With these changes Banner is introducing Marijuana screening to their urine test panel. For those who test positive, a delay of a few days may be expected while a confirmation second screening using existing blood work is conducted. No reconsiderations will be made on previous cases.


Electronic Inspection Reports (EIRs) replacing all Inspection Reports (IRs)
Previously, for applicants over age 60, face amounts over $1 million, or applicants of any age with face amounts over $5 million required an IR. Starting January 28th, these requirements will now be collected by Banner using EIRs.

In addition to the EIR, verification of financial status (from CPA, Attorney, or direct from applicant via tax returns, W2) is required for personal insurance amounts over $5 million and a Business Beneficiary Report is required for business insurance amounts over $3 million.

EIRs greatly improve the customer experience over traditional IRs and speed up cycle times. BGAs that currently order IRs will no longer need to proactively order since Banner will automatically order an EIR if needed. Please discontinue ordering IRs by January 28th.


Visa and Green Card consideration
Banner has expanded the types of Visas and Green Cards for consideration, with at least 2 years of U.S. residency, to include:

IR1, EB-1, EB-2, EB-3 Green cards
CR1, CR6 Conditional Green cards
H1B, H4, E3, K1, L1, L2 visas

An updated Underwriting Field Guide will be coming soon.
Please give us a call at 1-800-792-6795 if you have any questions about these updates!