AIG: Agile Underwriting+ Enhancements: Expansion to age 59, $2 million face amount


AIG's Agile Underwriting+ (AU+) program will be expanded to encompass cases through age 59 and with a face amount of up to $2 million. This AU+ update also allows the flexibility for an agent-completed Part B for some cases. The expansion, which is effective December 4, 2021, offers more opportunities for quick IUL cases under our AU+ program. AU+ offers your clients a path to IUL coverage that may not require an exam, labs or APS records.1,2

Agent-completed Part B for added flexibility

Also included in this latest AU+ update, producers will have the option of submitting agent-completed Part B applications for cases that meet the following criteria:

  • Face amount through $1 million
  • Case must be submitted by iGO full eApp

To submit an agentcompleted Part B using the iGO full eApp: Select “No” for the Tele-interview option on the Background Information screen. Note, the default Tele-interview setting is “Yes.”

Product Age Face Amount Part B Completion

• Value+ Protector II

• Max Accumulator+ II

59 and under $2 million or less

• Through $1 million and submitted via iGO full eApp: Tele-interview or agentcompleted Part B

• Over $1 million through $2 million: Tele-interview only

Regardless of rate class, applications that meet the product, age and face amount parameters above will start with the AU+ process and default to teleinterview.

  • The available rate classes for qualified AU+ applicants is Standard and better (Tobacco and Non-Tobacco).

Transition rules

  • Eligible applications (ages 59 and under, face amounts $2M and under for qualified products) received on or after Dec. 4, 2021 will be available for expanded AU+ Program.
  • Applications falling under the expanded age (issue age 51-59) or face amount (over $1 million through $2 million) received prior to Dec. 4, 2021 will require full medical underwriting.

Tips for streamlined processing

  • Use digital submission for the fastest turnaround. Applications for Agile Underwriting+ submitted through our digital submission options (AG Quick Ticket and iGO eApp) are often issued within 5 business days when the application is initially received in good order. 
  • Ensure the client is prepared for the tele-interview and has medical information needed. Refer to the client guide, Preparing for the Tele-Interview and Exam, for preparation tips.
    • The tele-interview vendor will call the client. If the client is unable to answer the phone, the interviewer will leave a voice-mail message with instructions and a telephone number for the client to call.
    •  For cases submitted by AG Quick Ticket, the ExamOne tele-interview phone line is 888-876-3407 (English) and 866-768-2705 (Spanish).
    • For cases submitted by iGO eApp or paper application, the CRL Plus tele-interview phone line is 877-243-2448.
  • Important callback tip: If the tele-interviewer calls and leaves a message, it’s important that your client listen to the full message and call back the number provided in the message. Your client should not assume the number displayed in the caller ID is the call-back number.

Please give us a call at 1-800-792-6795 if you have questions or need more information!