The 2019 Tax Forms will be available on February 3


The IRS has extended the deadline for employers to submit 1095 Tax Forms from January 31 to February 28. As a courtesy, the Plan Administrator for the SOCA Benefit Plan is preparing the completed 1094-B and 1095-B Tax Forms on behalf of participating employers in the SOCA Benefit Plan. The forms will be available for groups to download from the HR Dashboard on Friday, February 3. For assistance with accessing the HR Dashboard, click here ( for the help article.      

To access the forms from the HR Dashboard, your 8-digit Anthem group number is required. For example, the 8-digit group number should be entered as: 00123456 when prompted. If you do not know your 8-digit Anthem group number, please refer to your SOCA Benefit Plan premium equivalent invoice or contact your Anthem representative.  Once the documents are opened, you may distribute the forms to your employees to use when filing their 2019 taxes.

Please note, the forms will only provide data for the month the group became effective in the SOCA Benefit Plan until the end of the 2019 tax year (or when the group termed in 2019). The Plan Administrator was provided with data to prepare the forms, which may have some inaccuracies. If so, it is the employer's responsibility to correct any errors prior to filing.    

A final email notification will be sent when the forms are available for download. For additional information regarding IRS 1095 reporting, please click here ( or contact a tax, legal or payroll provider.