Symetra: Make Sure You're Pre-Appointed for SwiftTerm Sales


Many carriers claim to have instant issue when it comes to life insurance coverage. But with Symetra SwiftTerm’s fast and easy online application process, they really mean coverage in an instant. Clients can get term life insurance coverage in as little as 25 minutes if they qualify.1 That’s why it’s important to be properly licensed and appointed with Symetra in advance.

Symetra can’t issue a client’s policy in 25 minutes if the advisor is not already appointed with Symetra.   In a business where it’s better to be prepared, being pre-appointed can help ensure you’ll be ready to get your clients coverage on the spot.

Please give BUA a call today at 1-800-792-6795 to initiate the appointment process.


What is Symetra SwiftTerm?

Symetra SwiftTerm offers affordable life insurance protection that’s fast, easy and online. Pick from terms of 10, 15, 20 and 30 years.  The coverage amounts available are $100,000 - $2 million.

Your will start the application online through our website (through iPipeline), then your client will receive a link to finish the rest.

  •  As your client answer the questions, Symetra will be determining their eligibility for coverage.
    •  If they qualify, they can be covered in as little as 25 minutes with instant approval.
    • Sometimes Symetra needs to contact your client for a little more info, but they will make it quick with their accelerated underwriting.
    • If Symetra needs to do a deeper dive into your client's health history, they will continue with full underwriting. 
  • Once Symetra has the information they need, they will send your client their offer. If your client likes it, they can accept electronically, pay online and their coverage starts immediately.

Three potential paths

  1. Instant approval (coverage in as little as 25 minutes) If your client qualifies, they can be issued a SwiftTerm policy on the spot.
  2. Accelerated underwriting (coverage in 24-72 hours) Light underwriting is needed. Symetra may review further and ask a few additional questions.
  3. Full underwriting (coverage in about 30 days) A medical examination is needed. We may also request medical records.

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1Depending upon your client’s answers during the application process, they may travel down one of three underwriting paths – instant approval, accelerated underwriting or full underwriting. The typical coverage turnaround time is about 25 minutes for instant approval, 24-72 hours for accelerated underwriting and 30 days for full underwriting.