Simplifying the Simplified Disability Income Protection Underwriting Program


Simplified is a streamlined underwriting program that gets your Principal individual disability insurance business on the books quicker and easier. And now it’s even better for you and your clients.

What’s new?

We only require financials if clients apply for coverage above our Simplified limits listed in the chart below. And, for Disability Income (DI), we take into account any existing disability coverage – except group long-term disability (LTD) – so that clients can purchase even more protection without financials.

  Disability Income Overhead Expense Disablity Buy-Out Key Person Replacement
Maximum Monthly Benefit

 $6,000 issue limit

NEW: $10,000 Participation Limit

$10,000 $360,000 aggregate $360,000 aggregate


Want an example?

John applies for $3,000 a month in DI with Principal and already has $4,000 a month with another carrier. No financials are needed because:

  • The $3,000 he's applying for is less than the $6,000 issue limit, and
  • When adding the $3,000 he's applying for with the $4,000 he already has, it's less than the $10,000 a month Simplified participation limit.

To learn more about Simplified, view the attached helpful program profile.