SBLI: Upsell Program is Back!


The SBLI Upsell Program is designed to help agents provide their clients an increased coverage amount, up to a maximum of $750,000, with no additional underwriting requirements and minimal effort.

Underwriter Review

  • The Underwriter will determine if the client qualifies for a greater coverage amount, without the need for any additional underwriting requirements.
  • If the client qualifies, then the Underwriter will initiate the Upsell offer process.  
  • The maximum coverage amount is calculated and the Upsell process is initiated. The owner can choose any amount that doesn’t exceed the maximum specified in his/her Upsell offer. It will include up to five (5) coverage amounts and quotes depending on the unique circumstances of each case

Communicating the Upsell Offer

  • The owner will receive the Upsell offer.  He/she will receive their Upsell coverage options, either by letter in the policy package or on, for those who have opted-in for E-Policy Delivery
  • BUA will be notified of the Upsell offer via a notification sent to the SBLI Agent website in the ‘Requirement’ section and by email.

Policy Issue

  • The policy will be issued immediately at the original face amount.
  • If the owner selects one of the new coverage options during the free-look period, the policy will be re-issued.

Key Benefits

  • Automatic Upsell offer to qualifying clients
  • More coverage for your clients with no additional underwriting
  • The ability to increase your commissions

Please give us a call at 1-800-792-6795 if you have any questions about this process.