Prudential Term Essential - Now More Affordable


On Tuesday, January 2, 2018, Prudential introduced their repriced Term Essential product, subject to state approvals. Prudential has lowered premiums on the Term Essential product in key cells to make their most affordable product even more cost-effective.


  • January 2, 2018 (Ready to Sell Date): New Rates for the repriced product are in effect. All applications signed and dated on or after January 2, 2018 will receive New Rates.
  • A transition period for requesting Old Rates is not applicable, as there are no rate increases.
  • States that approve the New Rates after January 2, 2018 will have their “Ready to Sell Date” adjusted.


Any pending case or issued policy that is not yet delivered with an application date prior to the state introduction date can be changed to New Rates, as long as the request for change is made on or after the state introduction date.


Normal backdating rules apply, meaning that the new policy date can be backdated up to six months prior to the application date (three months in Ohio). A policy with New Rates can be dated prior to the state introduction date as long as the application meets the requirements in the TRANSITION RULES above.

Please note: If the date of birth is more than 6 months prior to the state introduction date, you cannot backdate the policy to save age with a request for New Rates.


Please let our BUA sales staff if you have any questions:  1-800-792-6795