Now Available on Vive - Principal's Online Term Application


On May 20, most* Vive clients will have the option to either complete their term life applications online or through a tele-interview.   *please see the section on eligibility requirements

How does it work?

Once an agent submits an order through Vive, an e-mail will be sent to the client providing them with a link to complete the application online. The link is active for 30 days, with follow up reminders sent automatically at 5 and 10 days after receipt.

If the client prefers to complete the interview by phone, the contact information will be provided in the email.

Below are the steps, if the client chooses the online option:

  • The client will click on the link, complete the verification process, and begin completing Part A of the application.
  • Once Part A is complete, the client is asked to review the information entered before moving on to Part B.
  • Upon completion of both Part A and B, the client can review the application in its entirety before moving on to the next step.
  • The client will click “Submit” to finish the entry process. This step will generate a signature email.
  • The signature email will be sent to the client, and the client will be asked to review the application prior to e-signing.

And that’s it! This new process significantly reduces the approval process…in fact, Principal, has seen an approval in one day!

What are the eligibility requirements?

Term only; under age 70; under $2 million face amount; owner and insured needs to be the same; all states except New York, North Carolina, New Hampshire, and Louisiana; existing insurance and replacement accepted. If the client falls under one of these restrictions, Principal will contact the client within 24 hours to complete the tele-interview.


Please contact us at 800-792-6795 with any questions.