Pacific Life: Introducing Pacific Accelerated Life+


Pacific Life has combined PL Swift and PL Smooth Sailing programs into one cohesive life insurance experience. Now, when applying for new PL Promise Term life insurance policies, your clients can enjoy the convenience and clarity of one, friendly underwriting process—Pacific Accelerated Life+ (PAL+).

What changed?

  • PAL+ replaces PL Swift and PL Smooth Sailing programs for all PL Promise Term policies applied for beginning August 1, 2022.
  • Now up to $3M in PL Promise Term coverage with no medical exams for ages 18-60, standard or better risk classes.
  • Up to $3M in PL Promise Term (physical with labs within past 12 months) for all risk classes, ages 18-70 in new expanded non-invasive modified underwriting.

*Note: PL Promise GUL continues to be available for up to $1M for issue ages 50-69 requiring only a physical with labs within past 18 months. While PL Promise GUL is not currently available with the new offerings, we will be adding the product in the near future. Stay tuned for details.

NEW! For All New PL Promise Term Applications -  Beginning August 1, 2022

Pacific Accelerated Life+ (PAL+)

Expanded Non-Invasive,
Modified Underwriting Offering
Ages 18-60, standard or better risk class Ages 18-70,
all risk classes
eApplication (drop ticket) Paper or eApplication
No Medical Exams,
Physical with labs required within past 12 months
Up to $3M PL Promise Term Up to $3M PL Promise Term


You can quickly submit your Pacific Life term applications through Vive!

Please give BUA a call at 1-800-792-6795 if you have any questions about these new guidelines!