Mutual of Omaha - Mutual Income Solutions is Now Available in California!


Mutual Income Solutions builds on Mutual of Omaha’s more than 100 years’ experience providing income protection solutions to customers. With a maximum monthly benefit of up to $20,000 per month, Mutual Income Solutions provides flexible or customizable coverage to meet your clients’ needs and help protect their lifestyle.

Check out the highlights of the new product:

  • Increased Benefit Amounts: Maximum monthly benefit of $20,000 per month.
  • New Benefit Periods: Helps clients who want to extend coverage to a target retirement age.
  • Two Policy Types: Your clients can select a non-cancelable or guaranteed renewable policy.
  • Optional Benefits: All policies can be customized to enhance and expand coverage.
  • Expanded Occupation Classes: Higher benefit amounts open the door to working with high-paying occupations.
  • Valuable Discounts: Help your clients save money with discounts.

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