MassMutual to introduce a Fluidless Eligible Underwriting Program


Effective Aug. 25, MassMutual will introduce a Fluidless Eligible Underwriting Program to allow some applicants to qualify for certain life insurance coverage without a medical exam. This program will be available in all states for all submission types.

Fluidless Eligible Program criteria on submissions will include:

  • Eligible for ages 17-50.
  • All term and individual whole life insurance products, including High Early Cash Value (HECV).
  • MassMutual’s Survivorship Whole Life and CareChoice products are not eligible.
  • Available for face amounts up to and including $1 million.
  • All five standard or better classes are available:
    • Ultra-Preferred
    • Select Preferred 
    • Standard Non-Tobacco
    • Select Preferred Tobacco
    • Standard Tobacco
  • Available riders include Life Insurance Supplement Rider (LISR), Additional Life Insurance Rider (ALIR), Guaranteed Insurability Rider (GIR), Renewable Term Rider (RTR), and Waiver of Premium Rider (WP). o The Long Term Care Access Rider (LTCR) is not eligible

Key considerations

  • If you are looking for a fluidless underwriting opportunity for your client, it is important not to order labs until an application is received and reviewed by MassMutual.
  • Submitting labs for applicants who receive a fluidless offer will not result in a more favorable offer.
  • Fluidless offers are not transferable to other policies and are not available for reconsideration


Please give BUA a call at 1-800=792-6795 if you have any questions about this new program.