MWG Group COVID-19 Update


This is a difficult time and we are working to make sure business carries on as usual with most of our employees trying to work from home. Most of you are probably doing the same thing.

We have been getting some questions and probably the most efficient thing to do is to send you an email as I get questions and their answers.  So here goes:

  1. Will MWG follow what the state department of insurances for each state are mandating for the medical carriers during the Covid 19 pandemic.

Yes, we will. Each state seems to be doing something different, and we will comply with each states regs.

  1. I have groups on MWG Bank Draft for monthly premiums, how do they stop bank draft if they need to?

If a business cannot make the scheduled payment due to COVID-19, they must contact our Billing department in writing at least 15 days prior to the draft date. They may email their request to be removed from the automated draft to This CANNOT be done through the Portal or by calling customer service. We will do our best to accommodate requests submitted less than 15 days in advance, but we cannot make guarantees. If they stop the automatic draft/EFT, they will be emailed an invoice and the $20 convenience fee will be applied. They may submit a one-time payment online through their Group Portal  if they want to avoid the fee. 

  1. What if a group is not registered in their Group Portal?

Please request your groups register in their Group Portal.  It’s easy to do and they can use the Group Portal to make one time invoice payments each month.  They can also add and delete employees themselves. I have attached the Group Portal Guide.  Groups can also add and delete employees by emailing to:

Here are our customer service and claims numbers:  Customer Service – 888-859-3795     Claims – 888-888-2519

Please let me know if you have any questions or issues that need to be addressed.

Take care and stay safe.