Kansas City Life Group Benefits Provides EAP Access


Resources for emotional well-being assistance available now

We understand that this national state of emergency due to COVID-19 may have an impact on one’s emotional well-being. Having a source for emotional well-being information and resources is one of the ways Kansas City Life Group Benefits is demonstrating our commitment to our members.

Please be advised that we will be announcing to our mutual clients that effective April 1, 2020, Kansas City Life is permitting access to emotional well-being resources via EAPHelpLink to all of our members at no cost. Access to this resource will remain in place until we are all able to return to our normal activities, post COVID-19 social-distancing and self-isolation requirements. 

This is exclusively a web-based resource for our members who do not currently have access to the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) services. As you are aware, our Long Term Disability plans include this web-based resource, in addition to telephonic access and up to 5 face-to-face visits per member per issue per year. For clients interested in providing this more robust EAP, it may be included with any line of coverage for $0.50 per employee per month. The EAP may not be sold stand-alone and the eligibility must be tied to a fully-insured group insurance product. 

If you have any questions, please contact BUA.