Concierge Underwriting from John Hancock for Large Cases


John Hanock is pleased to announce the expansion of their concierge underwriting process. Building on their success in developing innovative solutions and partnering with their trusted distributors and reinsurers, this development is a major milestone in John Hancock’s mission to make life insurance easy to buy.

John Hancock concierge underwriting

The concierge underwriting process eliminates the need for a traditional insurance medical exam as part of the application process, when possible, by leveraging the health data available in traditional attending physician’s statements, electronic health records and patient portal information. This approach reflects their strategy at John Hancock to continue to bring transformative underwriting solutions to the market that make it easier and less invasive to secure life insurance coverage for your clients.

Applicants ages 35-70 applying for John Hancock policies up to $65MM* are eligible to take advantage of this expedited process. Together, along with their proven expertise in delivering competitive underwriting decisions, and industry-leading capacity and retention, these offerings will continue to differentiate John Hancock in the large-case market.

Proposed Insured Eligibility

  • Applicants ages 35-70
  • Household net worth of $10MM+

Product parameters and face amounts

  • All John Hancock term and permanent products, single life and survivorship
  • Applied coverage of $5MM up to $65MM, including increasing options like Return of Premium and Death Benefit Option 2
  • Amount subject to available retention/capacity

Underwriting process

Initial underwriting review

  • Accompanied by John Hancock HIPAA form, review of comprehensive medical records consisting of:
    • Complete medical history for the past 5 years, including diagnostic and prognostic testing
    • A complete physical exam, blood testing and urine testing within the past 18 months for ages 35-50 and within the past 12 months for ages 51-70
    • Favorable EKG or cardiac testing performed within the past 5 years, if applicable

Tentative offer

Tentative offer will be based on review of the comprehensive medical records and prescription history, and subject to a formal application, health questionnaire, non-medical to include financial information and additional/applicable noninvasive searches (MIB, MVR, ID etc.). Additional underwriting evidence John Hancock reserves the right to request additional medical and non-medical underwriting evidence.

Please contact us with any questions or if you need additional information about this process.

*Underwriting reserves the right to require additional information.